Pictures of Bunk house, hunting area and more
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Some of the greatest pheasant cover on the planet! and excellent duck, sharptail grouse & goose hunting as well.

Maxi Canadian Geese feeding in a stubble field.

Merriman Turkeys in our back yard.  Wild Turkeys are also on the list of "Most Wanted".

A successful hunt with 55 roosters a couple of Geese and 2 Sandhills Cranes.

More birds to take home, for wonderful meals.

Another year, another hunt and a wonderful time!

Another group of hunters along with the owner, Tom Loomis, on the right.

Tom Loomis, who owns and runs The Pheasant Tales Ranch, with 3 fat green heads (mallards) and 3 sharp tail grouse.
Sunken hot tub at the main house which is available for use by the hunters.

Bunkhouse - Showing 4 burner stove, oven, sink and ice box.

View from a bunkhouse window showing pheasant country right out the door.

Bunkhouse interior showing 6 full size single beds, 3 up 3 down.

Pheasant Tales Ranch & Bunkhouse which is the building on the right.  The Bunkhouse is fully equipped with two Large Showers, Full Cooking facilities, 6 Full Size Bunks, Extra Outside Shower, 4 Dog Kennels with Concrete Runs

Kitchen and eating area.

North and east side bunkhouse.

North side of bunkhouse.

Kitchen area.

Bunkhouse looking southeast.

6 Full size beds and sitting area.

Surrounding land for hunting.  Total area of Bennett / Jackson & Shannon Counties have approximately 300,000 acres of walk-ins hunting for out of state hunters.

Ranch house in South Dakota with Hot Tub / Deck and grill. Golden Locus in full bloom!

Local pheasant territory.

Tom on his dock with cousin Pete Grace - 3/2006

Six very happy prairie dog hunters!

A long distance shot at paydirt!

Spotter and gunner going for a record distance shot!

Another sunset after a great day of shooting, friendship and relaxation.

Sunset at the Roast Duck Ranch and Pheasant Tails Bunkhouse!

Sunset at the Roast Duck Ranch and Pheasant Tails Bunkhouse!

For more information you are welcome to call (605) 685-6900 or if that number is not available (239) 247-3879 (cell).

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